The beginning of SIO (Société Industrielle des Oléagineux) dates back to 1907 and comes to be one of the most important pharmaceutical oil manufacturers in the world.

As a subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland Company since 1996, this company has been making state of the art purified pharmaceutical oils that can be used as APIs or as excipients for oral forms, topical and injectables of soluble medicines in oil.

With more than a century of experience in manufacturing specialty oils, they also offer the best plant based ingredients for various applications in human and animal nutrition (for example, hydrogenated vegetable oils for encapsulation) and cosmetic industries (for example, plant based oils with a high melting point and butters).

In the following historical note, it can be seen that the general vision of the main steps that made ADM-SIO become one of the key players in the supply of lipid based pharmaceutical ingredients:


It’s 125 employees are distributed over two plants:
Both the manufacturing and laboratories are found in Saint-Laurent-Blangy, in the north of France.
The executive management and sales and marketing departments have their head office in Fourqueux, in the region of Paris.
With their experience in manufacturing specialty oils, they can offer the best lipid based solutions in any part of the world.


Since their founding in 1907, ADM-SIO has been able to adapt their strategy and their product portfolio to the tendencies and challenges of the rapidly moving speciality oil industry.

Today, ADM-SIO aims to position themselves as a key player in the use of oils and purified esters as active ingredients or excipients in the pharmaceutical industry while looking for opportunities with highly valued products added to the food and animal food industries.

Here below shows a general description of the commercial coverage of ADM-SIO, which is present on every continent.


ADM-SIO has regulatory experience in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. Their regulatory services provide continuous regulatory activity to comply with the product requirements.

To guarantee the compliance of the highest standards, ADM-SIO ensures the standardization and constant evolution of their products.

The regulatory service has experience in the presentation and management of Active Substance Master Files (ASMF) both in Europe as well as overseas and therefore contributes to great development measurements of commercial activities. In order to support ADM-SIO’s commercial activity, files are regularly sent to the following health authorities:

Quality is their main priority. Their products come from materials that have been carefully chosen and manufactured under strict quality requirements in agreement with the current pharmaceutical standards GMP, ISO 9001 and HACCP.

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