Active Ingredients


The SAIS division (Sanofi Active Ingredient Solutions) of the Sanofi group is dedicated to the manufacturing and commercialization of pharmaceutical raw materials to third parties. The group, which is one of the world leaders in pharmaceuticals, makes available the laboratories that are in search of a trustworthy supplier, the highest level of quality, regulatory support and production of the production of raw materials manufactured in their 15 chemical and biotechnical plants and distributed mainly around Europe (France and Germany) of which three are completely dedicated to the manufacturing of APIs and technological solutions for third parties:

  • Vertolaye, Francia: corticoides and hormones.
  • Saint-Aubin-Lès-Elbeuf, Francia: leader in high volume fermentation
  • Újpest, Hungría: Prostaglandins

The production of the APIs are vertically integrated, so they are always able to control the intervals of manufacturing. In addition, they have a large regulatory and quality team whose extensive expertise on a global level is shared with their clients. With their catalogue of more than 120 active ingredients distributed in over 80 countries, Globalk Química is situated in the global network of official Sanofi representative agents in the territories of Spain and Portugal and has been since 1998.


Sanofi Active Ingredient Solutions is the world leader in prostaglandins with a strong historical trajectory in the development of processes and the expansion of new chemical entities.

Their catalogue includes 18 prostaglandins manufactured in the plant in Upjest (Hungary) which has multi purpose lines that allow for developments and quick extensions, together a consistently high quality.
They also provide comprehensive regulatory support to their clients.


Sanofi, through their plant in Elbeuf (France), is the only European manufacturer of vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin).

Their experience in fermentation allows them to include a great capacity of production. The Biotech catalogue offers 14 APIs, including vitamin B12 and its derivatives, antibiotics and antituberculosis.

Beyond the active ingredients, they have developed a strong policy oriented towards the client with a great range of possible specifications and personalizations. Similarly, they offer the possibility to manufacture low demand Biotech APIs.


The portfolio of APIs syntheses of Sanofi SAIS contains 58 references that cover cardiovascular illnesses, metabolic disorders, pain relievers and NSAIDs (non fluorinated glucocorticoide derivatives), central nervous system disorders and anaesthetics.


In the corticosteroids and hormone fields, Sanofi SAIS has more than 60 years of experience and is the only completely integrated European corticosteroid manufacturer.

Their portfolio of corticosteroids and hormones includes 31 APIs, anti inflammatories, painkillers and NSAIDs.


Sanofi Active Ingredient Solutions is a European leader in opioids and provides a totally integrated business. Their portfolio includes 15 APIs and their business embraces everything from the poppy seeds to the active ingredients, everything from agronomical research to production, agricultural and industrial distribution.